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DRIVING CONFIDENCE PROGRAM LAUNCHED! 3/10/2015 12:00:00 AM is a Program for Good People with Poor or No Credit

With over 60 years of combined automotive experience we've pretty much seen it all. The newest challenge we've seen our customers experience is not being able to finance a good inexpensive vehicle. We realized that there are so many good people who have found themselves in a tough financial situation due to circumstances beyond their control. Unfortunately, the banks look at each person as a number and not a person with challenges who that needs a little help to get back on the road. People with lives, jobs, kids to drop off and pick up at school. The most frustrating problem was having to turn people down. Even with our vast relationships with all of the banks, leasing companies and third part finance companies, we couldn't help people get back on their feet. So what started out as a favor for these people in unique situations has turned into a very large division for SK Automarket. So big in fact that we've just launched a new division called

Our program supports slightly older cars, lower payments, shorter terms where on the last payment the customer owns the car outright. Every car is fully and comprehensively inspected, comes with a warranty that exceeds the term of the loan, and the customer has the option for disability and job-loss insurance, Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance and so much more.

Our clients face financial challenges for many reasons, and circumstances can make their situation unmanageable. While there are those who take advantage of this situation by offering loans at outrageous interest rates, as a "Mom and Pop" business we chose to take a more compassionate approach.

Imagine going through a financial crisis or personal challenge, needing a car and being told "sorry, we can't help you". We offer great cars, great protection, and lower and more flexible payments where you can pay off the loan early with no penalties, All that and a car you can be proud to show up at any function or school drop off.

Our Driving Confidence Program gets you on the road in 3-Easy Steps by:
  1. Identifying the kind of car to meet your needs and making sure it is mechanically sound.
  2. Providing mechanical warranties, personal loan insurance, and flexible financing
  3. Putting together a package that provides you with the coverage and protection you need to Drive with Confidence and start rebuilding your credit rating
Identifying Your Car
Our inventory of cars is constantly changing, and if we don't have the car you need we will find it. We'll conduct a complete and comprehensive inspection, and address any issues to ensure you are getting a reliable car. We also ensure the car is completely detailed! Because for you, this is a new car and we want you to feel good, happy and proud.

Warranties, Personal Insurance, and Flexible Financing
You need to be able to drive away knowing that if something goes wrong you are protected and won't lose your car. Our package includes extended warranties, personal insurance, and financing options to fit your budget and create a path to ownership.
If you need a break, we can help. Give us a call! 1.778.952.0773 Let's put your Driving Confidence Package together and get you on the road!