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Finally, a way to finance the vehicle you found privately!


1. Find the car you want, from where, and who you want.
2. Contact us and we'll have you approved in minutes without even coming in.
3. We finance it as a traditional vehicle loan.

That means no bank appointments or dealing with a credit loan manager

We are here to help you finance your private purchase and you will only deal with our special finance dept. 


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With CarLoansToGo, you can now get pre-approved to buy a vehicle of your choosing from anyone you want. That means that a vehicle on Craigslist, Marketplace, Kijiji, or even your neighbour's car can now be financed. We can use any one of our 16 partnered institutions (TD, CIBC, Scotia, General Bank, Lease Companies, Vehicle Finance, Specialists, or even In-House Financing & Leasing). Not only can you finance your private to private purchase through CarloansToGo, but you can also protect yourself and your new vehicle with a Warranty, Loan Insurance, Replacement Insurance and more.

Need Cash Back to pay off other obligations? We can help with that as well.
The advantages are endless, especially when considering the safety and security benefits. We will check the vehicle history for you, protect you from any liens or encumbrances on your purchase and give you a safe location to meet the selling party and engage on a test drive without having to meet at a private residence or a parking lot.

We are like a hybrid between your Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent in one safe, full service operation just for you, the buyer and the seller.

 Still have questions? Here are the answers!

Give us a call, send us a text, email, request a callback, or apply for a pre-approval online.
Ideally, you want to get pre-approved so that you can begin looking for your dream ride that meets the
requirements of the bank based on your Credit Situation. Even if your credit is challenged, we can get
you approved.

Ideally our relationship should begin with a conversation about what you are looking for. Then we can
give you some boots on the ground feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly about that type of
vehicle you are looking for. We have been brokering vehicles since 1983, and we can help you
understand what to expect from your choice of vehicle. We also know what vehicles offer the best
value, the best time to buy them and how reliable they are.

Assuming the vehicle you are looking for meets the ability to finance, we would then submit your
application to the best bank that suits your car and financial situation. An approval can be forthcoming
within as little as 5 minutes. Once approved, you are ready to meet the seller and negotiate a price that
makes you both happy. That's when we take over. We will buy the car from the seller at the negotiated
price with a bank draft, then sell that vehicle to you for that same price but get paid by the bank

The price of the vehicle will be the same as what you negotiated with the seller. We have a $799 fee
which includes A Carfax Report, an ICBC Report, a Lien Search, Registration Transfer, a Vehicle Safety
Inspection and a 3-month comprehensive warranty. Just like your mortgage broker, we also earn a
commission as an agent for the bank.

Having been in the vehicle sales business since 1983, we have developed excellent relationships with the
vendors that we have vetted (through experience) to be the best of the best in their field. We offer

extended warranties. Personal insurance to protect your family with Life, Disability and Employment
protection. Replacement policies. Our strategic partnerships include special pricing from:
• 16 Chartered banks and vehicle finance companies
• Leasing companies for both consumer and business applications
• 7 Specialized warranty companies (there are more, but these are the best)
• Life, Disability, Employment insurance from one of 3 providers
• Vehicle replacement policies from 3 insurers

Everybody's financial situation is different, and Covid has not helped. We get that there are
many good people in bad financial situations. But just saying it doesn't help get the kids to school, Mom
and Dad to work, or any of the other 1000 reasons we need a vehicle for the family. That being said, we
have a facility for every situation, and if that doesn't work, we can always consider an in-house option to
get you past the hump. This also applies to new immigrants to Canada or students just out of or still in
school. Your application is confidential, and you will always receive the highest respect regardless of your

That is a decision that the bank will make. We strive to negotiate the best possible rate. The year and
mileage of your vehicle choice, as well as your credit history, will play a role. Believe it or not, you could
be as low as 3.65% and go up to 96 months.

Fantastic. As we are affiliated with a dealership, we can buy it from you and get you the 12% tax credit
on the purchase of the new vehicle, or you can find your own buyer. We can facilitate the transfer of
ownership to them as a trade-in and get you the 12% tax credit on that as well. If you still owe money
and have a lien on your trade, that's not an issue. Your new loan will have taken that into account, and
we will have your old vehicle paid off.

NOTHING! We will walk you through the whole process. No guesswork, no research on how to buy or
sell a vehicle. We've been doing it for so long that it's as easy as tying our shoes. We will tell you

 everything you need to know about, worry about or take into consideration. We have all of the forms and
paperwork ready to go.

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